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Furu's Mint Club is a positive and cooperative community with a focus on NFT education and alpha.

0.15 ETH

Total Supply: 2,100

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The FMC is a discord server trying to promote a positive and cooperative approach to NFT education and alpha for traders.

Truly ran as a club, we "hire" from within, and all members of FMC are constantly looking for opportunities to bring to all other members of the club. We have a Promoter Program that reach out to soon-to-launch projects and secure WL spots to raffle off amongst our community.


FMC Benefits

With a Genesis Pass NFT from FMC, you will be able to access all the alpha channels in the discord server. The NEWbie University, a couple chat channels, and a few others will remain open to all - but the money making alpha channels and most giveaways will be closed off to holders of our pass.

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FMC Gives You

Alpha Server & Education hub

Gain valuable insight on upcoming projects with an allocated team that's designated to research and provide an in-depth analysis on projects so you don't have to.

Trading & Wallet Alerts

Stay on top of the latest market movements to help better manage your portfolio. Get real-time alerts & notifications with FMC's Trading & Wallet Alerts.

Early alpha on projects & custom discord bots

The FMC team is constantly leveraging their rapidly growing network as prominent figures to acquire whitelist spots for Furu’s Mint Club. Each FMC pass will act as one entry in our giveaways for these whitelist spots, with a max of 5 entries per holder for each giveaway.



Phase #1

1. Build Community Organically, Provide Value, Prove Trustworthiness

2. NFT Launch will provide necessary capital for Phase 2

Phase #2

Trading Tools, Education, and Networking

1. Trading Tools - develop/integrate bots (wallet trackers, volume data, listing/sales data, etc).

2. Education - ramp up NEWbie University, use Twitter Threads, and partner with other educational communities/twitter profiles.

3. Networking - continue to build relationships with project communities, teams, and influencers (real life meetups).

Phase #3

Continue building (roadmap 2.0, partnerships, tools, new collection).

Learn more about us

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Frequently asked questions

What is Mint Price?

Mint Price will be 0.15 ETH for both presale & public

When is Mint?

The FMC Mint will consist of 2 sales (presale and public) for a total duration of 12 hours.
- Presale Mint: April 10, 12:00pm EST
- Public Mint: April 10, 8:00pm EST
- Public Sale Ends: April 10, 12:00am EST

What is the Supply?

Total collection size is 2,100
- 20 will be split between the team                               
- 80 will go to FMC Vault (use for giveaways, promotion, and other marketing)                    
- 2000 will be available at presale (1 per wallet max)     
- Any remaining will go to public sale (2 per wallet max)
- 3hrs after public starts, any remaining will go to FMC Vault

How was the price determined?

The quality of the alpha, the trading tools in use and being developed, WL and Airdrop giveaways, and the community sentiment.

Should I try to mint more than one?

Holding multiple passes will give you more entries to WL giveaways, but 1 pass will give you all benefits listed.

I got a pass, now how do I access the Alpha?

Go to the FMC discord linked here, verify using Collabland, and you'll be able to join the Club!