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Don't just take our word for it...

“I can honestly say he's changed my life and many others”

My experience in FMC will stay with me for life, memories will stay embedded with me for life, I'm glad i had a great enough friend to introduce me this this wonderful community and FURU, I can honestly say he's changed my life and many others, and i can say we are all grateful for that, from meeting new great people to making enough eth to pay my bills, and to even sharing a laugh, I've learned everything that has to do with this space from FMC,  strategies,  what are alpha calls, learning valuable rules, also just learning what crypto currency is. ill tell you this you want a warm welcome into this space come hang and vibe with the FMC community, theres alot to be learned and so many great and new people to me meet on this journey!!!! WAGMI IN FMC!!

“full of knowledgeable people who are always willing to help you”

I first joined FMC with no knowledge of the nft world at all, they have a newbie University which helps you understand the basics and also the in depth knowledge to find new projects that are worthy of entering off your own back. Its full of knowledgeable people who are always willing to help you out. It's a really relaxed place to be and most importantly is not toxic at all. I have profited hugely from the information offered within the group - no pressure from the group to enter any trade.

“The best community to find NFT Gems”

FMC is one of the best community to find NFT Gems at the early stage. The members are super helpful and you learn a lot about NFT trading from the experienced traders. They even have a University(discord channel) for beginners which is great for learning. The Alpha signals are reliable and effective. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert trader, there is always something available for you in FMC. I have been in this Blockchain and Crypto space for last 5-6 years and have rarely seen such a good community. Long live FMC!!!!

“One stone, two birds! Came for the alpha, stayed for the community”

Started with zero profits, zero knowledge and zero friends. I learned a lot by just being around the more experienced people and the 'newbie university' too. It translated into friends and profits. One stone, two birds! Came for the alpha, stayed for the community.

When I found FMC at the end of last year (originally known as Free Mint Club), I was learning a lot about the space through them. On top of that, Furu really made the time to explain things to me, as well as entertaining the community during the process. Fast forward now and he still makes the time to connect w/ members no matter how busy he and his team are vetting projects, utilizing tools and doing research for the community. Even though I've formulated strategies tailored just for me, they deserve a lot of credit shaping how I view this space, the angles I've used/applied, the fun banter I have within the community, and, btw, did I mention the amount of WL I've won through them? FMC really does take community input via votes. You don't have to be a part of FMC, but you might discover you'll want to. What can I say? The fun doesn't stop!

“I've learned more (and saved more, and profited more) from being a part of the FMC community”

I began my NFT journey floundering around without a clue of what I was doing -- getting sucked into FOMO like it was the 2017/2018 ICO noob feeding frenzy all over again (nightmares abound). It wasn't until I found FMC that I finally began to learn and better understand the NFT space. It wasn't any single thing that the FMC community offered -- it was the culmination. Primarily through community engagement, but also through shared links and resources, discord info sections, and just simple discussion. At the end of the day, I've learned more (and saved more, and profited more) from being a part of the FMC community than from any other time investment that I've made in the crypto/NFT space.

Allan | VestedCrypto#5551

“Strategy upon strategy”

Man where should i even begin! I came into the FMC server as nft newbie and wanted to learn about flipping nft's and being in group where people make you feel safe to learn new stuff every single day. Bit by bit i got to learn about how to flip, whats important to look at before jumping into a project and so much more! Strategy upon strategy but somehow it was well explained, questions where answered and until now i made pretty good amount of profit! 'Friendly Group Of People' thats how i would explain FMC in one sentence